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Finding a provider

Many factors can contribute to the perfect fit when looking for a provider that’s right for you or your child, including the provider’s age, gender, culture and personality as well as unique specialty.

There are lots of different professionals who can help support your mental and behavioral health. These are 4 common providers you’re likely familiar with:

Exploring care options

There are several options covered on your health plan, including different types of therapy and specialists depending upon you or your child’s needs. Available to you are licensed therapists, counselors, family specialists and clinical social workers – all of which are trained professionals that can help evaluate your needs and recommend care in a safe confidential environment. For more serious conditions, you may need to speak with a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are licensed medical doctors who can diagnose mental health conditions, prescribe and monitor medications and provide some therapy.

A great starting point is to speak to your primary care (PCP) to help guide you based on your personal family and medical history for diagnosis. Be sure to always check that a provider is in-network before making an appointment. You can find a provider by signing in to Blueprint Portal.

Virtual care is also an option. Your health plan may cover a variety of virtual care options for adults and children.